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Role of a CA in Implementing an ERP

published in the SICASA Newsletter of the Mangalore Branch of ICAI in the month of December 2013 Business Expansion and Development is a continuous phase for any Enterprise. In this era where there is technological growth, we now observe a “Big Bang” explosion among the enterprises present all over the world. Enterprises are growing in […]

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Business Continuity Planning

[slideshare id=24601925&style=margin-bottom: 5px; border-top: #ccc 1px solid; border-right: #ccc 1px solid; border-bottom: #ccc 0px solid; border-left: #ccc 1px solid&sc=no] Business Continuity Planning from Bharath Rao   – published in the SICASA Newsletter of Mangalore ICAI in the month of August 2013   Business and enterprises of today depend heavily on information and communication technology (ICT) […]

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I have collected the June 2012 edition IPCC related study material from www.icai.org and packaged it to a zip file. You may download them by clicking the link below. Please n0te that all the files in the zip package are in PDF format and can be accessed by most of the computers. You may extract […]

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laziness is next to godliness…..

yes this is the simple motto in which I live in… you must’ve heard the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness” when you were young and small. well even I have heard it too and I modified it to “laziness is next to godliness” quite by mistake. But it sounded nice and catchy. there are […]

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