College life–should we change for others???

College life–should we change for others???

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Yes the next big thing that could happen to you after high school is College. A place for freedom, a place to “interact” with chicks, a place to bunk, no more compulsory classes, no uniform all kinds of awesomeness that you could ever think of.Rolling on the floor laughing

And no doubt even I was in this fantasy like the rest. I was a member of the 22nd BSBAi Commerce batch. I realized that it was the most elite batch in college. As classes rolled on I started witnessing to something which I really funny. The classmates whom I knew for two months were no longer the same as how I met.

DSC06334Well it is true people start differentiating people as time goes on. You slowly get kicked out from the group with whom you usually hang about. Cold wars arise, just because you raised your voice against your friend for a small petty reason. Some reasons are really strong and some of them are seriously stupid. Of what I observe in some of my college mates is especially girls is that they start to copy the behavior of the friend, just to “be a part of the group”. Some of them (in guys) be a part of “the group” by getting into unhealthy habits like talking in class, playing pranks in class, bunking, smoking, drinking, drugs etc. Some of them try to act hep, crying for no reason or for some stupid reason that no one cares about because it really doesn’t matter, some of them over reacting for petty things like jumping like kangaroos(even the kangaroos don’t jump like that) for some small Rs.5 chocolates or some times just speaking to the opposite gender in private, in such a way that it is “noticed”. And some of them changing hair styles and start to show off by touching it now and then.


According to me what I think of all this nonsense is Bullshit!!!. Its stupidity at its heights. My question is why should we change for others?? That too in such a pathetic way? Yes you should change, but in the way that it is beneficial to you, that would be productive to you and not others. Its ok if we are selfish to make this decision.


I always believe in this statement “NATURALNESS IS THE BEST”. And mark my words you should try to apply this statement in you. The results are amazing. Yes we are in college. Let us celebrate on the fact that you have reached this place successfully. And the college is here for you and only you. It helps you, guides you to your success in your specific field. So what I would like to convey to you is that its always good to be yourself for yourself and not for someone else. I always admire my favorite band IRON MAIDEN not for their songs but for their attitude. They have a really attitude that is respected by all bands, fans in the world. They are world’s number one band because of this attitude. I have learnt from them is to be you. Always cheerful, happy. Smiling especially. Do things in your own way. That’s what makes your contribution a unique one. Yes there are people who can always help you in which method you want to go with. Keep up your attitude. Because in the end whatever happens it happens for your own good.

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  4. College life–should we change for others??? the name is Bharath!!!! I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my trouble. You’re amazing! Thanks! your article about College life–should we change for others??? the name is Bharath!!!!Best Regards SchaadAndy

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