laziness is next to godliness…..

laziness is next to godliness…..

yes this is the simple motto in which I live in…

you must’ve heard the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness” when you were young and small. well even I have heard it too and I modified it to “laziness is next to godliness” quite by mistake. But it sounded nice and catchy.

there are people around me who call me very active, smart, quick and a lot of adjectives. but the ground reality is that I am the most laziest person around. what does cleanliness is next to godliness mean? the general meaning is that a person has to be clean and to keep clean around you. Being clean is a sign of spiritual purity or goodness. And the word godliness is used as something positive. Positive in the sense that it will be beneficial to that person.

well according to my “laziness is next to godliness”. the first thing which one should realize the the thing which you might have already guessed in your mind. And that is “BEING LAZY”. And my message to your dear friend is that you are right.

Let me share something with you. You will be amazed to know about my popularity in my college which I had created(not intentionally) in just one month from its commence. My fb profile got atleast 200-250 friend requests from all the Toms and Dicks and Harrys in my college, about half of them whom I have no clue about them. And all this, I had accomplished using my motto which I repeat each and every time “Laziness is next to godliness”!!

I have a mindset (I don’t know about you) that all the growth and development in the world is because of laziness. To quote a few examples
1. The advent of tall high rise structures: This was done because men were Lazy to build their homes and offices on new land as it would be trouble in laying in the foundation, constructing and the lot. Instead they just put more bricks on a regular building and about a dozen times this process was repeated and voilà a building was invented.
2. The advent of telephones: This was done because men were seriously Lazy to go and visit their relatives and other contacts who were far away.
3. The advent of Portable Mobile Telephones: This was done because the telephone was bulky and the inventor, I guess Smile with tongue out wanted to be in touch with his girlfriend where ever he went and also secretly. And also including the reason of carrying a regular telephones everywhere. The stupid wire was damn irritating.

I can give many more such examples such as invention of shoes(didn’t want to treat a leg if it was injured), computers(you probably know this one more than me), internet, Facebook(how can I forget this), smart classes in colleges, vehicles, aeroplanes etc.

The whole point being is that if we restart this lazy attitude once again then I believe the world would be a better place to live in. Yes even the environment problems could be solved if you use this concept creatively.

So the first thing you should do is that believe in yourself especially in your laziness. Then during situations where you are in a fix you can use this concept. So just sit down relax, stop your thoughts, think what would a lazy person do in this situation(except sleeping it and endorsing it to someone else), then you will get a solution and yes it may not be nice but I will give you my guarantee that it would be the best solution and the end result would be in you achieving your results in flying colours.

Get it in your mind. Store it permanently and don’t erase this thought ever. Your have to use this thought in whatever activity you do.
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