my school life…

my school life…

what my mom tells me is that I cried a lot when my mom dropped me to school for the first time. Of what I remember, I used to be a big pain to the teachers in the kindergarden. My mom used to call me a “hatamari”. Any ways I was supposed to go to “babyland” school. the dress code there was that there was no dress code, that is only for the students of Nursery class. My days in the nursery was fun. As to what i can remember. Well what i remember is that My teacher was Suchetha ma’am. SHe was very strict to everyone. Especially on me. we were a class of about 20. And everyday at 9 all the students were to assemble on the ground and thats how the day began. Us nursery students who were in color dress were made to stand on a little higher place and facing all other students. we all had to assemble by marching in a single file from our class to the ground. we used to march for a song and coincidentally that song used to be played on the movie “the bridge on the river kwai”. It was a song whistled by the british soldiers while marching and over here at babyland the song is modified by various instruments and it was marched by us tiny tots.

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