episode – babyland

episode – babyland

babyland school was my first school which i had attended. it was almost half a kilometre from my house which was then at attavar, 1st cross. this school was located in nandigudde which was at the other end of my area. For my nursery days, my mom had made arrangements for a auto rickshaw to pick me and drop me to school and vice versa. Babyland was a school which had mainly focused on providing kindergarden and primary level educatation. It was basically a small school with just 5 small class rooms at that time. The school may had a total strength of about 100-120.

the customs of that school was that the students of nursery did not have any uniform as such. but the senior students had to wear a cream color shirt with black shorts/skirts(for girls), a pair of cream socks with 2 black stripes, a bow tie and a badge. This was the uniform. the principal of that school was Mrs. Lily Pereira. Everyone at the school used to call her “madam”. Everyone used to be afraid of her. 

there used to be regular assemblies at the school. the assemblies used to start by all the students marching to the ground from their respective classes and then used to say the prayer which was also played from a tape. all the students used to sing with the tape. after the prayer we used to mass-drill which comprised of exercises and yet that too the music was coming from the tape and we had to do our exercises along with it. if any of the students were celebrating their birthdays we all used to sing happy birthday and used to start dancing with our partners and the chocolates were shared. after that we all used to march back to our classes. 

then the classes used to go on as usual. then came the lunch break, here mom used to pack lunch and used to give it to me when i used to come to school. we used to dine together with all the classes together at a class, that is laying a towel on the floor, opening our tiffin’s and eating. Well some of us didn’t like the food given by their mother’s so when any such situation would develop, then “Hilda aunty” used to come in the picture. Hilda aunt was the caretaker of the school, here caretaker refers to taking care of the children. After our lunch it was a compulsion to all the students that everyone had to take a nap. My friends group akshay mallya, me, yashaswini, karthik and abdul rahiman hifaz. we hated the sleep hour. So we used to slowly walk away from the class room and go to our original class and play over there. If we used to see any teacher come we used to quickly hide under the benches and desks. Sometimes behind the door itself

I was a very very notorious crook in my school.

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